Turning Great Innovations into Great Companies

Innovyz selects 4-6 of the most outstanding innovations each year and provides them with a strong foundation through end-to-end support in order to commercialise companies, accelerate their growth, and bring innovations, research, and ideas to market.

Our Track Record

The Innovyz process has been designed to help individuals, universities, research centres, existing companies, and corporate spinouts to commercialise their innovations, inventions, products, or services. Through our process we have achieved the following milestones. 


Innovation Projects


Investment secured by alumni companies


IRR across all manufacturing projects

Our ASX Listed Companies

Fast Growth Opportunities

The Innovyz program offers in depth mentoring from the most capable and experienced industry leaders from around the globe

Innovyz founds and co-founds technology companies in the area of advanced materials and manufacturing.

Through our process, you will have access to our extensive network of committed leaders and mentors who are dedicated to growing your great innovation into a great company. Learn more about the Innovyz process below.