Innovyz Leads an Advanced and Unique Commercialisation Process​

We set ourselves apart from the status quo by specialising in the commercialisation and development of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Innovations from universities and other research institutions.

We do the heavy lifting

Innovyz works with researchers who would prefer to remain focused on their current work rather than running a business. This means that research that would otherwise remain in the labs of universities and research institutions is now able to be scaled up and brought to market.

An additional feature of our process is our accommodation of projects with or without an established team, making it suitable for research centres and universities, as well as individuals and companies whether large or small.


Innovation Projects


Investment secured by alumni companies

Innovyz applies its 4 step Search and Selection Process before commercialising each technology​​


We select 4-6 innovations each year


A scientific panel then provides a thorough technical review and IP landscape mapping


We use our commercial experience, industry contacts and expertise to validate markets and opportunities


Recommendations are then given to the selection committee for acceptance into the Innovyz process

Next we apply our Commercialisation Process over the course of 12 months involving two phases


Business Development and Strategy


Investment Planning and Preparation

Both stages have a specialist panel providing a valuable role in introducing innovations to team members and investors. A key part of the program is the initial appointment of an Interim General Manager, and the continued recruitment of a talented team to manage, operate and grow the company in the future. 

During this process, Innovyz provides shared services, including legal, accounting, HR, corporate governance, financial modeling, business modeling, and investor relations. 

The key outcomes of the Business Development and Strategy phase are:

Definition of market entry and value proposition

The development, validation, and refinement of a business strategy

Technology refinement as required

Identification and engagement with initial customers

Initiation of key strategic relationships

Development of investment strategy, succession planning an exit strategy

The key outcomes of the Business Development and Strategy phase are:

Development of supply chain and manufacturing strategy

Continued engagement with identified strategic partners

Identification and pursuit of early revenue opportunities

Development of governance structures

Production of investment documents

Finalisation of investment strategy, succession planning and exit strategy

During the 12 month process, Innovyz provided the following shared services

Innovations that we are searching for

Material Science and industry 4.0 technologies

Manufacturing methods and technologies

3D printing and additive manufacturing

Robotics and soft robotics

Engineering software that enables our advanced materials and manufacturing

We have a clear focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) enabling technologies.

Providing the highest level of continued support​

Proceeding the initial intensive 12 months support, Innovyz will provide ongoing oversight to the newly appointed management  teams which may include advice, strategy sessions, introductions, and capital raising assistance. Innovyz and program investors are part-owners in the companies and have a direct interest in their success.

Your research is central to everything we do.